This ingenious contraption was printed on one of our member’s 3D printers. It turns out that lots of Hack Manhattan members are fanatical about 3D printing — go figure.

Well, what is it, you ask? Not only is it an empire state building, based on an accurate scale model, but it’s also an interpretive gavel for ruling member meetings with an… uhh… plastic fist. The gears and the building allude to the Hack Manhattan logo, which looks a bit like an empire state building with a gear and soldering iron up above it.

Are you not in awe of the novelty, practicality, and artfulness of this invention? Don’t you dare call it silly.










The very same member brought the 3D logo you see in the next image with him as an offering when he came to join. Obviously, he’s now a member in extremely good standing. The logo hangs on our interior door, letting confused visitors know that yes, they have indeed found 3D printing heaven.

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