Arduino Class is Out!

Arduino Class is Out!

In our first all-day Arduino class/hackathon, we were very pleased to welcome both hackerspace members and new visitors to a gentle introduction to physical computing, for a course designed and taught by our very own Arduino-eer Robert Diamond.

Once attendees had all happily installed the Arduino IDE, we covered the basics of some common components and how to use a breadboard with the Arduino. Within a few minutes, everyone had blinking LEDs, and soon after, the class had run through a panoply of inputs and outputs.

So armed, we went into battle with a common purpose, to build a custom ‘Rob Bot’ shield for the Arduino which could drive motors and accommodate sensors for a wheeled bot. There were, as far as we can tell, no casualties either human or machine, and all retreated for the evening with a good grasp of Arduino coding, basic components, soldering and bot-building.

Keep a look out for our future Arduino classes if you’d like to join in the fun, and our other class offerings posted on this blog. As always, if you’re in town you can drop by our Tuesday or Thursday evening Open Tech nights to meet, craft and learn from each other, and find out more about membership at the space.


Robert surveys the troops


Blinking LEDs, and other diversions


A detour into bodybuilding



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  1. Justin Bank - October 7, 2012

    It’s the worst when you need something you can’t find and then find that it’s no longer there. Any chance you’ll be doing this again soon?


  2. Veeren Armogan - October 21, 2012

    Can i have the parts list and directions to building that arduino sheild?

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