Maker Faire 2012: It was awesome!

Maker Faire 2012: It was awesome!



We arrived on Friday afternoon, just in time for a torrential downpour, but we got Brain Bats working again as the last embers of daylight faded away:

Saturday at our table was packed – people all day wanting to be hooked up to Brain Bats, and great to meet everyone who came to visit us today, old friends and new. Feel free to come to our open nights every Tuesday and Thursday after 7 p.m!

Sunday was even more packed, as the weather finally held off for most of the day. When a shower finally did come, Guan and Robert rehabilitated a used slot car set and hooked up the Neurosky EEG headsets to drive them to entertain the burgeoning crowd in the tent:

Brain Bats was a big draw again, and this time we won two(!) Make: Editors’ Choice Awards! Thanks to everyone who came out to play and see our exhibit, and all the Hack Manhattan members who worked so hard behind the scenes to assemble and run the show all weekend.

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