AR Drone 2 Mods with The New School

AR Drone 2 Mods with The New School

We’ve been hosting (and helping when we can) a group from The New School who are working on a performance highlighting the potential dangers of the use of autonomous drones in warfare. The main performer will be a modified AR Drone 2 by Parrot. Using the onboard HD camera for streaming video to a projector, onlookers will get to experience a robot’s-eye view of a simulated targeting sequence. So far progress includes enabling video streaming to a computer via python-ardrone, changing the view angle of the HD camera,  and hacking into the drone battery pack to power a radio control module that will be mounted in the interior. The RC unit will operate up to 4 separate sets of LEDs attached to the hull. We also opened up the guts so we could rearrange things and remove some unnecessary plastic bits to make way for inserting the RC board.

Using python-ardrone code

Setting up the drone for live streaming using python-ardrone.

AR Drone 2 flying with indoor hull.

Flying indoors with the outdoor hull, no physical modifications yet.


Flying the AR Drone 2 with the indoor hull.

The drone with its indoor hull on.


AR Drone 2 after hot glue repairs.

Oops! Accidents happen. That's what hot glue was made for.


The performance at the New School went great! Video below.

Web site for the performance and principles behind the drone project can be found on TheDroneMediaProject website.

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