3D Printers Galore!

3D Printers Galore!


We love 3D printing at Hack Manhattan. Our 3D Thursday events have seen loads of people bring in their bots to show off, talk and fix them. We’ve also had several members recently building our updated design of the Wallace Reprap in the space.

Attendees at this week’s Inside 3D Printing Expo are welcome to our space tonight and tomorrow night (Monday and Tuesday after 7.30 p.m.) to check out our group and the printers!

Robert's Ultimaker at HM

We also have some resident printers at the space which can be used by visitors and members – while the Makerbot Replicator 2 has recently left the space, Robert has loaned his new Ultimaker, which is superb, and can print easily down to 50 micron layer heights:


Check out the quality on the Ultimaker! The nuts move smoothly on the thread:

ACME Hex Nut 3D printed on the Ultimaker

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