IPv6 readiness is everyone’s responsibility

Did you know that the Internet is running out of IP addresses? Pretty soon everyone will have to share addresses and it will be a huge mess. They have already run out in Asia.

The solution is the next generation Internet Protocol, IPv6. We are happy to announce that Hack Manhattan is now 100% IPv6 ready.

This website, our wiki, our email and internal systems are accessible over IPv6.

If you log on to the Wi-Fi network at our space and your computer has IPv6 and autodiscovery enabled, you will receive a routable IPv6 address. You will then be able to surf the approximately 7 websites that are also on IPv6.

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  1. Selvakumar Manickam - May 19, 2013

    It would be good to test the website with IPv6 Enabled WWW Logo Program and the logo to your site 🙂

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