3D Printer Build Workshop

3D Printer Build Workshop



Printrbot Simple



Yesterday, we helped 6 lucky attendees build a Printrbot Simple, going from kit to print in a single day! The group was a great one, helping each other out and even providing suggestions for future updates to the build instructions. Pics of the day here:







We’re excited to announce our first 3D printer build workshop!

We’ll be using the brand new Printrbot Simple kit. It’s a great kit, and most people so far have been able to build it within a single day. The print quality is very good for such a simple and portable printer. With a build area of 3.5″ square it is perfect for most small jobs and is great for learning how to design and print 3D objects yourself.

We have managed to secure a special supply of the previously sold-out Beta edition of the kit. Only the first six people to sign up will be able to participate in our class! Better yet, we will be passing on the Beta stage cost savings to our first participants. The class will cost $450, which includes:

* Complete Printrbot Simple kit and everything you need to start 3D printing (host computer not included).
* A whole day of expert hands-on instruction from our team of 3D Printing experts
* Use of all the tools you will need for the build process, and access to our hackerspace for the day
* Assistance with initial calibration and possible upgrades.

We will also offer Hack Manhattan members a $50 discount off the class price (discount refunded at the class).

Sign up for the class here:



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