There are several ways to get started with Hack Manhattan:

The Blabber Mailing List

Not all members and regulars can come to our Tuesday or Thursday open nights every week, so most of the Hack Manhattan community happens on our discussion mailing list.

Everyone who wants to become a member or participate in Hack Manhattan activities and discussions is encouraged to join the list. Feel free to introduce yourself!

Tech Tuesday and other events

Tech Tuesday and 3D Thursday, both of which start at 7pm, are our weekly open houses. Come see the space, use our equipment, drink beer and discuss projects. It’s a good idea to bring a project to work on or show off.


Our wiki is a more permanent repository of information about Hack Manhattan members, projects, information and rules.

Become a member!

Hack Manhattan membership is open to anyone who supports our goals. Membership dues are $100/month ($50 for starving hackers), and we expect prospective members to have visited an open night at least twice. Members are voted in at our monthly meetings, on the last Tuesday of the month.