Kickstarter visited Hack Manhattan

Kickstarter visited Hack Manhattan


This past weekend we were very pleased to welcome the team from Kickstarter, who pitched in with staff, food and a selection of kits from successful Kickstarter Creators.

The space was busy all day, and rang to the sounds of hardware hacking and conversation, and ultimately quite a bit of projectile flinging by the desktop trebuchets. 3D printed replacements were forthcoming as the original balls were lost quickly, up to and including a scale model of a paratrooper, complete with impromptu grocery bag parachute.  He flew accompanied by the dulcet tones emitted by Zack’s Makey Makey frets in fire hack.

Thanks to Kickstarter for working with us on this event, and thanks to everyone who came and made it a fun day, and we hope you’ll all join us again soon.


Update: Julio Terra posted some nice pics of the event – thanks Julio!


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