Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth

This past Tech-Tuesday we managed not only to fill up the space, but we had people piled up practically out the door. We have a bit more space down the hall to expand into, and we’re going to need it. There are preliminary plans to add two flexible workstations to bolster the existing main room.

Above: Joe is shown with his reprap-printed steady-cam. Sung visited from Genspace, suggesting more hackerspace collaboration — adn idea that was warmly received. Lots of folks at Hack Manhattan expressed interest in the kinds of synthetic/molecular biology that’s the hallmark of Genspace. There were magnetic illuminated translucent rock gardens, 3D printers (as usual), nixie tubes, and more.

Above: Tuesday’s aren’t the only popular night, anymore. 3D-Thursdays have picked up steam. Tonight there are seven folks working on four different printers in various stages of completion. As Hack Manhattan becomes busier, we’re expecting things to happen more nights of the week. Stop by and help us outgrow our space!


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