Invasion of the Repraps

Invasion of the Repraps

They're multiplying...

Recently, our inaugural ‘3D Thursday’ meeting was held at Hack Manhattan headquarters. Several members kindly brought in their Reprap printers, and we formed an impromptu botfarm.

Steven wrangles some ABS with a Cupcake


Among the sweet and not-so-sweet smells of warm PLA and ABS plastic, we shared a panoply of printing tips. At least two printers were improved on the spot, with one of our members getting their first successful print.


In the coming weeks, we’ll be working on building a Reprap, with printed parts for the Prusa Mendel V2 provided by some of our members. We’re waiting for some hardware for it (LM8UU linear bearings!), but join us in January for more 3D Thursdays!

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